The history of ensemble Zornitsa begins in the autumn of the remote 1981 with the preparation for the traditional student festival of folklore arts in Varna. Back than a few students of the Semi-Higher Institute of Information invited Mr. Emil Genov to produce several dances for the event. And so one festival created the ensemble and a few years later it became part of the Chemical-Technological Institute (today University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy).

Currently the ensemble exists as a non-profit organization.

During the years the ensemble worked with choreographers and musicians such as Dimitar Dimitrov, Ivan Todorov, Kiril Stefanov, Metodi Kutev, Jordan Draganov, Atanas Atanasov, Georgi Abrashev, Rayna Todorova, Maria Eftimova, Vasil Radev, the Chirpanliev family – Elka, Kiril and Milena and many more. Also Also notable are the distinguished folklore musicians who accompanied the dance group – Evgeny Eremiev, Plamen Evtimov and Danail Totev. Daniela Ivanova was a notable assistant-choreographer in the years 1992-1996.

Thousands of dancers, musicians and singers passed through the dancing hall of Zornitsa creating together the successful history of the group and leaving a part of themselves on the world stages.

For its more than 30 year history the ensemble participated in numerous concerts and festivals in more than 20 countries on three continents and has won prizes in home as well as abroad.

In 2000 ensemble Zornitsa had huge success in the hall of the Military Club of Sofia together with ensemble Gayda, Dijon, France – an event that was aired on Channel 1 of the National Television. The ensemble took part in many concerts and programs of the Bulgarian National Television as well as folklore programs under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Petar Stoyanov (the concerts were in honor of the visits of His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the President of the Republic of Turkey Soleyman Demirel and the Princess of Thailand).

Zornitsa also took part in a popular TV commercial in 2008 advertising First Investment Bank. In 2011 Zornitsa the ensamble celebrated its 30th jubilee with an grand concert in the National Palace of Culture (the event was later aired on national TV). Five years earlier the ensemble marked its 25th anniversary with another huge concert in the National Army Theater. As of 2013 the ensemble is hosting the annual “Folklore dance panorama” gathering multiple ensembles from around Bulgaria and thousands of spectators from around the world.